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Finally the next retreat in Kenya is on!!! And this time it's coming in a very special combination with the exquisite and unique Lamu Yoga Festival. Enjoy a week of various types of yoga, snorkeling, sunbathing, sailing, filling your belly with Swahili delicacies, riding donkeys, cycling in the sand, sundowners on a dhow or simply doing nothin and then go straight into the Forrest Yoga "Speak Your Truth" retreat at the wonderful Banana House! Here we will explore asana, meditation ceremony and group work to get in touch with our own truth, learn more about our own limits and how to speak what is important to us from heart with grace. The intention of our work is to free oneself from boundaries in order to live an authentic life in accordance with our own soul.

Speak Your Truth with Katrin Ender




Do you know this feeling of being very busy externally, but not really moving anything internally? Living a good life yet struggling with an empty feeling on the inside, a sense of missing the point? Speaking, but not really saying what is going on? Words getting stuck in the throat, or suppressing speech, because of certain fear to be rejected, not loved anymore, or to lose something precious? Are you stuck in a painful place, that you may have grown used to over the years, and would you like to get out?

„Our bodies tell our stories and they always tell the truth when we listen.“ – Ana T. Forrest.

With the physical concepts, Eastern wisdom and Native American Medicine of Forrest Yoga, we will explore the deeper layers of our bodies, learn to access and listen to their truth and develop the tools to express it constructively, so that we may become better listeners and more skilful at voicing what is really important to us. The themes we will be working around are: trust, boundaries, anger, projection, intimacy.

The “Speak Your Truth” Retreat will be held from March 9 – 13, 2016 at Banana House in Shela, Lamu Island, Kenya, directly after the Lamu Yoga Festival, which is taking place from March 2 – 6, 2016.

All levels welcome. We practice barefooted at 28°C.


The Retreat programme includes (not necessarily in this order):
◾Shamanic ceremony
◾Intensive Asana practice (open to public)
◾Group yogi breakfast
◾Deep work Group sessions (open to retreat participants only)
◾Activities, such as Sunset Dhow Sailing Trip and Early Morning Beach Walk through Dunes (inclusive), Trip to Lamu Town and Donkey Sanctuary (optional at additional cost), snorkelling
◾Evening Asana Practice (open to retreat participants only)
◾Massages offered by Katrin Ender (optional at additional cost)
◾Free time

The price includes:
◾Airport transfer
◾Breakfast and dinner (mostly vegetarian, some fish)
◾Lunch snacks, tea, coffee, water
◾Welcome drink


„Morning Yoga“ Package: 4x Yoga in morning + yoga mat + yogi breakfast: EUR 260,- or KES 26,000/=

Retreat Package 1: all day Retreat in double (shared) room: EUR 729,- or KES 72,900/=

Retreat Package 2: all day Retreat in double (shared) room: EUR 799,- or KES 79,900/=

Retreat Package 3: LAMU YOGA FESTIVAL + 3 nights at Banana House + all day Retreat: 1,199,- or KES 119,900/=

Find the LAMU YOGA FESTIVAL schedule here: www.lamuyoga.org

Registration closes February 25, 2016.


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