Banana bursery fund

We support our staff by helping them raising funds for school fees. Everybody who has a child going to secondary school, college or university can apply. Staff pays 1/3, Banana House pays 1/3 and we ask donations from guests to cover the last 1/3. Please contact us us/ if you would like to support this initiative or want to know more about it.

Shela Bright Girls Secondary School

Monika teaches pranayama (breathing) at the Shela Bright Girls School to help improving concentration and energizing the students. Every week the girls come to practise yoga at Banana House. We provide, through donations, sanitation pads for the girls to make it possible for them to continue studying. We welcome guest teachers to interact with girls in the field of sports, drama and art.

Hands Up 4 Kids

•Kids raise their hands to be seen and heard.
•Kids are the future. 40% of Kenya’s population is below 15 years.
•Kids make life into a celebration.

Our Mission
To empower children and youth to grow up as tomorrow’s Changemakers for a better world.

Our Vision
To work with the community and the world at large to empower children and youth through schools and orphanages in Africa. We also aspire to connect African children with the children and communities of the developed world to promote a One World Family.

Our Inspiration
We draw our inspiration from The Art of Living and The International Association for Human Values (IAHV) to empower children and youth. We aspire to support the objectives set out in the Millennium Development Goals by the United Nations.


Banana House is involved in the Shela Environmental Residents Group (SERG), an association in Shela village which facilitates cleaning the village, collecting household garbage and cleaning the beach. SERG is dependant on donations from house owners and visitors. We regularly participate in general clean ups.