Wellness starts the moment you step into the world of Banana House. The atmosphere, the welcoming, the spacious environment, the friendly staff, the food, the attention, the yoga and wellness treatments ….. Banana Wellness offers you Yoga, Massage, Spa and Retreats. The Wellness centre can be used for retreats, conferences, meetings, film evenings, dance parties and group celebrations. 

Yoga Hall

The Banana House Wellness Yoga hall is situated on the ground floor around a large acacia tree; it has a 70m2 cool and elegant hall built in traditional Swahili style with direct access to the garden. Up to 30 people can do Yoga in the hall. 

Banana Spa

The top of Banana Wellness is transformed into our Banana Beauty Spa, a welcoming breeze, fantastic views, only natural sounds, you easily drift away into a deep relaxation.  Using only 100% organic products, we offer a variety of massages, spa treatments, facials, hand & foot ceremonies, waxing and body exfoliations. We love you to start your treatment with a foot ceremony called African Foot Cleanse as some African cultures believe that cleaning the feet is essential before entering a home in order to leave negative energy and worries outside the door. Our Foot Cleanse helps the therapist connect with the client, feel their energy and assess their needs, ensuring both are completely ready to begin the treatment.
We offer a variety of massages, facials, body exfoliations, waxing, manicures & pedicures.

“We are so grateful for all the beauty, kindness, care and heart to heart connection we have been experiencing here with you all! Thanks for the inspiration it has made into our lives”...... Anne Bainil